Chris & Bella-Mother & Daughter

This gorgeous mother and daughter came in to see me last week.  I have so many beautiful images from this session that I'm going to break this into three blog posts.  This first one is to show you my favorite images of the two of them together. 

The session started with hair and makeup for Chris...thank you to Jenn from Painted Sparrow Artistry.  We did a total of four looks for the ladies.  We started with a casual look with white and denim,  and then moved to a more formal look with the ladies wearing black dresses.  I think this was my favorite look!   Our third look was more whimsical.  I used a pink backdrop and had the ladies in flowy cream colored gowns. Little Bella loves to dress up, so I thought it was so wonderful that Chris was willing to put on the tulle skirt and dress up along with her daughter.  How precious!!  We ended with another princess dress for Bella and a more contemporary look for Chris.  It was a long session because Chris and Bella had so many great outfits and we wanted to try them all, but it was so much fun!!

A mother & daughter session is such a wonderful thing to do!  Not only do you get to share the experience together, but you both get an beautiful keepsake of this time in your life. What a special way to celebrate this precious relationship.   If you are a mother or a daughter you need to do this! Don't let the opportunity slip away!  Call today!