Beautiful Bella - Children's Portraits

As part of a mother daughter session I take plenty of individual portraits of each person as well.   These are some of the portraits I took of six year old Bella.  Not only is she beautiful,  she's totally comfortable in front of the camera,  and she had most gorgeous wardrobe I've ever seen!!   She is the proud owner of some authentic "princess" gowns that were worn by real princesses in Saudi Arabia. Apparently, Saudi princesses are only allowed to wear a gown once, and after that they are sold.   Bella's grandmother lives in Saudi and was able to purchase these gowns for her granddaughter for a really great price.  What a lucky little girl!  

Her mother also wanted some portraits of Bella wearing her wedding gown, so we dressed her up in the gown and the veil as well.  So, Bella got to model all of these gorgeous gowns for me, and we got some amazing portraits of her.  And it was just in time too.  A couple days after her session she lost both of her front teeth!!  

Not only do I offer mother daughter portraits, but I also offer portraits of girls age 6 and up.  My portraits are posed, so a girl has to be old enough to take direction from me, but I make it fun and enjoyable.  I really love working with kids this age....they are just so naturally beautiful!  Don't let this time of your daughters life pass by without having a special portrait made.  It won't be long and all her baby teeth will be gone!