Business & Personal Branding Portraits

Do you own a business, or do any kind of networking? Have you ever had to market yourself to a potential employer or client? Then you know how important it is to make a good first impression!  Your business or personal branding portrait is often your first chance to make that impression. Do you really want that impression to be from an cell phone selfie?  Make it a great one with a professional portrait.

I have created two different session options, depending on your needs. To help you choose the session that's right for you think about what you'll be using your portraits for.  Are you mainly interested in profile portraits for social media like Linked-in and Facebook?  Would you like more than one portrait so you can change it over the year, or use different ones on different social media sites? Do you need portraits for your business or corporate website? What about portraits for printed marketing materials? Some of my clients even like to have images for personal use and gifts as well.  You will also want to think about what kind of impression you want to make. Do you want to look business-like and formal?  Do you want to look casual and relaxed? Do you want a soft, approachable feel to your portraits. Or are you a creative who would like to look unique? Or would you like to try several looks so you have a variety of options for a variety of uses?  The choice is yours.   



"Excellent work. Perfect for people who hate having their picture taken or are not photogenic."


"Thank you so much Lorraine for the fabulous business portraits! I'm a music teacher and so I wanted something professional, yet approachable since I work mostly with children. That's exactly what I got and I couldn't be more happy!"