Model Development Session - Abigael

I recently had the opportunity to do a new type of session…a modeling development session! Even though my portrait sessions are “fashion” styled, I am by no means a fashion photographer so this was a learning experience for me!

Abigael and her family are friends of ours and I’ve photographed them several times over the years, but Abigael recently won a modeling contest and wanted some practice in front of the camera. Since she knew me,there was no pressure, and she was able to just relax and have fun with it!

Danielle, her mom, and Gillian, her big sister, did all of her makeup, hair styling, and clothing styling and did an amazing job!! We did four different outfits on four different backdrops and she looked incredible!

I don’t know that I’ll be offering this type of session in the future, but it was fun to do and it’s always great to learn something new.

Best of luck to you Abigael with this incredible opportunity!!


Glamour & Beauty Session - Angela

This beautiful lady recently came in for Glamour and Beauty portrait session that was gifted to her by her daughter! Angela lives in England and was in Canada visiting her family this summer. Her daughter arranged for Angela to come in for the session so she could have this special experience, and so she could have some beautiful portraits of her mother. Isn't that just a wonderful gift for both of them!! 

Angela's day started out with hair styling at Curious Salon. She then arrived at my home studio for a beautiful makeover by Rachel Draper Jones.  I always start every glamour and beauty portrait session with a "before" photo so my clients can see their beautiful transformation.

Angela and I met for coffee before her session and planned out the clothing she would wear and the types of looks we would do. Angela was a ballet dancer when she was a young woman and at 69 years old still dances for exercise, so we did some dance styled portraits for her. She also said she wasn't sure if she wanted to wear black for her portraits because she thought it would make her look too old. Well, she rocked all her outfits, but as you can see, she looked AMAZING in black and these ended up being her favorite portraits from the session. 

calgary womens beauty glamour portrait photographer yyc photographer
calgary womens beauty glamour portrait photographer yyc photographer

Family Session - The Stradecki's

This summer I was honored to be asked to photograph my Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Don's 50th wedding anniversary family portrait! Don and Marilyn have a beautiful family portrait hanging in her living room, but it was done many years ago and most of the grandchildren aren't in it! It was definitely time for an update.  We originally planned to do the family portrait on the same day as their party, but after doing some location scouting and talking about the timing, we decided to do their session the evening before.

When people are planning a family portrait for a milestone event, like a graduation, birthday or anniversary it's a good idea to schedule the portraits on a different day than the day of the event. It's true, everyone that's going to be in the portrait will be at the event and everyone is dressed up, so it seems to make sense. The problem though is time.  Special events are usually very busy, and the day is hectic, and trying to fit a portrait session in just makes the day more stressful. The other issue is that the portraits ususally have to be squeezed in between other events, and can't always be done when the lighting is the best, and good lighting is THE MOST important factor in creating a beautiful portrait. A special event portrait has the potential to become a treasured family keepsake, and an heirloom that will be passed down for generations, so it deserves to be created in the best possible environment. For outdoor family  portraits the best time to do a session is in the evening, just before sundown.

The evening of the session was beautiful and we had a location with many great spots, so we did several extended family poses, as well as some different groupings.  The session took about 1.5 hours but we were able to take our time, relax, and have some fun.  The next afternoon, when we had originally planned to do the session, it was POURING RAIN, so we were VERY glad the portraits were all ready done!! On the day of the party my aunt and uncle and cousins were able to enjoy the event and visit with all their guests without having the extra stress of a family portrait session.

So, congratulations on your 50 years of marriage Uncle Don and Aunt Marilyn!  I wish you many more blessings, and another 50 happy years.   I hope you enjoy your beautiful family portraits! 


calgary family portrait photographer yyc photography
calgary family portrait photographer yyc photography

Glamour & Beauty Session -Tammy

This lovely lady came to see me because a special someone in her life bought her a session as a birthday gift. Her friend wanted her to feel special and experience a beautiful portrait session all for herself. What a thoughtful and fabulous gift!! 

Tammy's day started with hair styling by Claire at Curious Hair, followed by a beautiful makeover by Rachel Draper Jones. 


Tammy is a lawyer and has also been in the political spotlight, so she has had profession portraits before, but it was time for updated ones. She wanted a classic and contemporary look for her portraits which suited her perfectly. We did several looks, from formal business portraits, to classic, to soft and casual. I even convinced her to hold a some flowers for a few ultra feminine portraits. 

We had a lot of fun and Tammy really enjoyed her day.  And both Tammy and her friend loved her portraits.  Happy Birthday Tammy!

calgary glamour beauty womens portrait photographer yyc personal corporate branding photography

Couples Session - Dawn & Susan

This lovely couple recently came to see me to create some professional personal branding portraits. They are both in their 70's, but were so fun to work with and are just the sweetest!!! And they are incredibly generous people. Dawn & Susan are donating 5 university scholarships to the university they both attended, and needed some personal branding portraits for the university.  They are also very passionate gardeners and when I visited them to show them their portraits they gave me a tour of their greenhouses and gardens, and sent me home with some free range eggs, and a beautiful head of living lettuce from their garden. Dawn & Susan, it was a pleasure to work with you!