You Must Have A Good Camera!

Photographers often get this comment when people see our work.  It can be a bit off putting because owning a good camera doesn't automatically mean you will create a piece of art.  The photographer  using that camera also has to have talent and a wide variety of skills, that can take many years to learn.  It would be like saying to a chef..."that was an excellent must have a really good stove!"   

Even so, it is important for a professional photographer to have professional equipment.  People often don't understand why professional photography costs what it does.  Well, one of the reasons is that we have invested in and use professional equipment.  Even though an iphone can take decent snapshots I'm sure most people wouldn't want their wedding, or their heirloom portraits taken on an iphone.   

Today's cameras are amazing pieces of equipment.  With many consumer level cameras you can set the camera to auto and get some great images.  And the technology is constantly improving.  My camera is a Nikon D810.  It's not a consumer level camera and doesn't even have a full auto setting, so you have to know your way around aperture, shutter speed and iso. But it's a full frame camera that has amazing low light capabilities, which is why I chose it.   I chose Nikon because I've always used Nikon cameras and am familiar with them.

Disclaimer...I am not a gear head.  I didn't get into photography for the cool technology, and I don't spend hours searching out and comparing the latest and the greatest equipment.  But people often ask me for camera advice, so I thought I'd share what I use and why. 

So, all that being is my camera.   I'll talk about lenses another time.