Michael & Roberta -Wedding

If you've been reading my blog you might remember a post about the engagement session I did for this couple in the fall.  Well, they got married on Boxing Day and Harold & I shot their wedding.  Even though I don't normally shoot weddings I really enjoyed it, and I was very honored to be part of Roberta & Michael's day!  Roberta is Hannah's violin teacher and is almost part of our family now, so it was very special to share the day with her.

The wedding was so much fun!  We started by photographing Roberta and Michael each getting ready in their hotel rooms.  They decided to do their formal photos before the ceremony, so I set up a private "first look" for them before the formals.  Then the wedding party and family joined us at the Winter Gardens for the formal photos.  The ceremony was beautiful and included Roberta & Michael doing a hand fasting, which I'd never seen before.  Immediately after the ceremony was the reception and dance.  I can't say enough about the dance!  Roberta  loves to dance!  In fact so does her whole family.  After the first dance she organized a Hora dance, which got all the guests on the dance floor.  After that the d.j. took over, but he was amazing!  He had hats and props for every single song, and had most of the guests dancing all night.  I've never seen such an active wedding dance!  We definitely burned off the wedding cake we had for desert.  Roberta is originally from Mexico, so she also organized a traditional Mexican dance where the bride & groom stand on chairs and hold the bride's veil between them, then all the guest form a chain and dance under the veil...followed by the bouqet and garter toss.  So much fun!  At one point there were even maracas out. What a great evening!

I don't normally shoot weddings, and I was pretty nervous to shoot this one.  It was challenging and it was  a learning experience...but I'm really pleased with how the day went and how the photos turned out!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.  

If you would like to see the entire wedding you can view it here:  Michael & Roberta's Gallery

Congratulations Michael & Roberta!