Framed Wall Portraits

We all have them.  Tons of photos on our phones, computers, hard drives, discs, usb keys, ipads, you name it.  And sure, I look at the photos on these devices from time to time....but they pile up and I forget about most of them.  But do you know which photos I look at the most?  The portraits that are printed and hanging on my walls.  

Everytime I walk into my home I see a beautiful framed portrait of the people I love the husband and my children. I remember the day that portrait was taken because it was windy and we were laughing about how the wind was blowing our hair, and it snowed a few hours later.  In my living room is a gorgeous canvas portrait of my family that we had done to celebrate my son's high school graduation.  In the basement is a portrait of our family taken when my children were young.  Our dear friend Perry took that portrait.  Going up my stairs are framed portraits of my parents and our larger extended families made on their 50th wedding anniversaries.  I also have a beautiful framed hand colored portrait of my daughter when she was a newborn, and a framed tryptich of my kids playing in the fall leaves when they were very little. I also have a framed tryptich of each of my kids when they were around 3 years old, and a couple cute ones of them as babies in the bathtub hanging in their bathroom.  In my bedroom is a large wall portrait of my husband and myself on our wedding day, taken almost 25 years ago now.  We've all changed and grown since these portraits were made, and some of our family members are no longer with us which makes these images all the more precious.

Yes, I could sit down and scroll through snapshots on my phone, but I don't.  

Framed wall portraits are more than just photography.  They are a constant, visible reminder of the love and the memories that you'll have forever.

Mobile Albums

The first thing everyone wants to do when they have a portrait session is show their images to family and friends, and to share them on social media.  Mobile Albums make this super easy for you to do!  What's a Mobile Album?  Instead of me trying to explain it to you, let me show you!!

Open this blog post on your mobile device.

Now tap this link:


  1. Click on the Share icon (box with the arrow coming up out of it at the bottom of the screen).
  2. Click on "Add to Home Screen"


  1. Copy the url for the album and paste into the Chrome browser
  2. Click on the browser's built in menu (usually three lines in the upper right) OR the phone’s built in menu option (Samsung phones) which is usually three lines on the device to the left of the home button.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”

Now click on the app to open the Mobile Album.  It's that easy!!

A Mobile Album has tons of cool features, like an app icon, and name that have been customized for you, photo gallery, music, and ability to share your album or individual photos with others via social media, text SMS, and email. Now you can take your images with you on your mobile, and easily share them with your friends and family.

Play around with the "Women's Portraits" mobile album and see what it can do!  Mobile Albums are included with every one of my portrait collections, so come in for a portrait session and get your very own Mobile Album!

Portrait Collections

When you come for your Portrait Reveal & Ordering Appointment, you will be shown 20-30 of the very best images from your session.  These Individual Portraits are fully retouched and printed 7x10 sized, displayed in an 11x14 acid free white mat, and are ready to display on an easel or in your own frame.  They also come with their matching "print ready" digital image. Each portrait is sold individually, so you only choose the ones that you love!  

But if you choose to purchase more than 5 Individual Portraits you may want to consider a Portrait Collection to take advantage of substantial savings. These pre-designed collections include a selection of printed portraits as well as "print ready" digital images. 

I offer 4 different Portrait Collections

Collection A
5-matted 7x10 Individual Portraits
5-"print ready" Digital Images
1-5 image Mobile Album

Collection B
10-matted 7x10 Individual Portraits
10-"print ready" Digital Images
1-10 image Mobile Album
1-11x14 Wall Portrait (unframed)

Collection C
15-matted 7x10 Individual Portraits
15-"print ready" Digital Images
1-15 image Mobile Album
1-11x14 Wall Portrait
1-11x14 Boutique Frame

Collection D
20-matted 7x10 Individual Portraits
Complete Set of "print ready" Digital Images
1-20 image Mobile Album
1-11x14 Wall Portrait
1-11x14 Boutique Frame

Your 7x10 Individual Portraits are presented and delivered to you in an 11x14 acid free white mat.  They are ready for framing or display on an easel, and come in an attractive presentationbox which has a rich black linen finish and silky black ribbon tie closure.  Each Individual Portrait comes with it's matching"Print ready" Digital Image which is perfect for web use and is printable up to 8x12 size.


A Mobile Album lets you view your images on your mobile device and easily share them with family and friends.

Wall Portraits are mounted on styrene board, but are unframed.

The beautiful hand made, hand painted Boutique Frame comes in black and is ready to hang on your wall.

For pricing and futher information please contact me and I'll send you my complete product pricing guide. 

Individual Portraits

Many photographers today will do a photography session for a flat fee and include all the digital images.  This is known as the "shoot and burn" model.  Although many photographers start out this way,  most come to realize that this model is not serving their client very well.   It's been said that we are the most photographed generation ever, yet we have no photographs to show for it.  We all have tons of digital images...but no one prints them.   I'm not going to go into a long explanation of why you should print your images, but I want to stress that it's important.....not only for you now, but also for your family and the generations to come.  So, as a photographer I can go with whats trendy and easy, and just offer digital images...or I can sell printed photographs.   Some photographers only offer digitals, and some (gasp!) only offer prints. That model may work for them, but I find it too limiting, so I choose to offer the same time!

When you book a portrait session with me, my goal is to create a minimum of 30 beautiful images for you to choose from.  I take a LOT of images at your session, but then I edit them down to the top 30.  Then I fully retouch them and often also apply artistic effects.  I then send those digital images to one of the top professional photo labs in North America and have them made into 8x10 prints. When you come to see me at your portrait reveal & ordering session you will see those prints, beautifully mounted in 11x14 white mats.   No slide show.  No online image gallery.  Just real, beautiful,  true photographic portraits.  

Then you have the difficult task of selecting your favorites.  You can purchase individual portraits, or choose from some of my collections.  But because we live in a digital world I know that you really want the digital image.  So, every portrait you purchase comes with it's matching digital image!   The digital image is printable up to size 8x12 and is also suitable for sharing on the web.  It's the best of both worlds!!  You get the digital image for reprints, archiving, and sharing on social media, plus you get a professionally printed image to display now, and to save for future generations.  If you've worked with a professional photographer before this may be different than what you are used to, but I think you will appreciate this option because you will get the portrait that you want, and also get the portrait that you truly need.

For futher information on my Individual Portraits please refer to my product information page, or contact me for my complete price list.