He's So Soft!

I have a picture in my mind that I want to take of Sunny, but I can never catch him at the right moment.  Today was no exception.  I had my camera out, made a nice cozy sleeping spot for him, and offered lots of cheek scratches if he would co-operate.  He took the bait and jumped up on the blanket.  But then he needed a bath...a long, long bath.  I waited patiently, hoping that he would settle down and fall asleep.  Nope.  And then he decided he wasn't really tired after all, and left.  So...I still haven't got the photo I want, but I got these other nice ones.  I'll get him someday.


The formal kitten portrait. 

It is a miracle he sat still this long to get his picture taken. 

He was a very rambunctious boy.  Notice the bent and broken whiskers.

Now that he's more grown up he's settled down and is an easier photographic target. 

He even came and posed for this portrait, all by himself.  He is such a handsome boy!