Business Portraits - Merrill

I've recently started offering a Business Portrait Mini-Session. This is for clients who don't need or want hair and makeup styling and only need images in one outfit. This session is ideal for most men, and for women who only want one look, such as a formal corporate portrait. My first Business Portrait Mini-Session client was the lovely Merrill.

Merrill doesn't enjoy being photographed so having a business portrait done was something she'd avoided for a while.  However, Merrill needed a business portrait for her website, her Linkedin profile, as well as for some corporate brochures and nametags, so she couldn't put it off any longer.

Honestly, most of my clients don't like having their photo taken, so I totally understood where she was coming from and did my very best to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera.  In the end Merrill had a good time during her session and came away with some beautiful new portraits.

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Street Shoot - Hannah

2017 was very busy for me with The Beauty Project and I needed some time to recharge and revamp, so this winter I've been taking some time off to spruce up my backdrops, my social media, and my marketing materials. I've also been shooting a lot of personal work which has been so fun!  Sometimes it's great to work in other genres to get yourself seeing differently, so lately I've been shooting landscapes, nature, and some commercial work. But I love photographing people so and so Hannah and I did this session a couple weeks ago.

When I do on-location sessions it's typically in the summer, at sunset, in a flowery park, but I've always wanted to do an urban shoot. I also wanted to try a session that was more "fashion" and less "portrait", so Hannah and I braved the cold, and the city crowds, and did a street shoot for fun and so she could have some personal branding images to use on her social media.  It was cold and we met several homeless fellows that wanted their portrait taken, but it was a super fun session!!  So, now I can add this type of a session to my repertoire for teens, grads, or anyone who wants an urban fashion look. 


Personal Branding Session - Kim & Jessica

These lovely ladies, Kim and Jessica, recently came to see me for their team business portraits. They had originally wanted to have their session done in the fall leaves, but then Alberta weather struck and we had to postpone their session because of a nasty snowstorm.  The day they finally came to see me the snow had melted but it was windy. We decided to to some indoor images to make sure that they got something because we weren't sure if the weather would hold out.  Sure enough, as the day went on it got colder and the wind was crazy wild, but we decided to head to the park anyway.  Kim & Jessica were such troopers!! It was cold and blowy and it even rained on us a bit, but they smiled and posed and in the end their images turned out just beautiful!!  


Personal Branding Session - Colleen

This beautiful lady came to see me for some corporate branding portraits for her new business. She wanted a variety of looks including a formal corporate look, some relaxed and casual shots, as well as some creative glamour beauty portraits. This is exactly what I love to do!!

Colleen started her day at the Edges Salon in Crowfoot where she had her hair styled. Next she came to my home studio where Rachel Draper Jones did an absolutely stunning makeover for her. Colleen brought several outfits that would reflect the different looks she wanted, plus we did a couture look with one of the tulle skirts in my studio wardrobe. We ended her session by doing my "field of flowers" shot.  Colleen looked like Sleeping Beauty all covered in pink flowers.

We had a great time during the session and I think we created some gorgeous portraits!  



Here's Colleen's "before" photo and a few images from her makeover.

And here's a few of her corporate portraits! 

calgary yyc womens beauty glamour portraits personal branding photography photographer

Colleen brought this beautiful red dress to match her corporate branding colors.

And then we had fun and did some glamour portraits!

calgary yyc womens beauty glamour portraits personal branding photography photographe
calgary yyc womens beauty glamour portraits personal branding photography photographe

Colleen, it was so wonderful to work with you!!  You are a truely a lovely lady both on the inside and the outside.  

Lorraine - Personal Branding

I recently updated my business / personal branding portraits.  I like to update them once a year or so, and it was time for new ones for me.  I'm like most women though....I didn't want new portraits until I had lost some weight.  Well, I didn't lose any weight, and in fact I was at the heaviest I've been for a while, which only made me want to hide!!  But my new business motto is to "love and celebrate who you are RIGHT NOW" I thought I better take my own advice. So I went out and bought a couple new outfits and jewelry, just for this session.  I did my hair and I put on some makeup...and just decided to have some fun.  I also did this session on my 53rd birthday, so it was a  special way to spend the day. 

Self portraits are very difficult to do!! It's so much easier when I'm behind the camera and I have a client or friend in front of me!!  Here's how I did it.  I had my camera set up on a tripod,  and I set to the self timer mode.  Then I had to put a light stand where I was going to stand so that my camera had something to focus on.  Once I got focused on the light stand I pushed the shutter, quickly moved into the spot where I needed to stand, moved the light stand, and tried to get into a flattering pose....all within 10 seconds!  I had a full length mirror set up by my camera so that I could see how I was posing, but it was still very tricky to get the proper angle.  I'm a curvy girl, so getting my posing and camera angle right is crucial. Then the camera shot off several shots, with about 2-3 seconds between shots, and I tried to adjust my pose a bit in between shots to get some variety.  It was a lot of fun, but it was very tiring because I had to spend all afternoon trying to get it right, and in the end I only got a few good images.  

So, even though it was hard work I now have some beautiful new images for my website, and all my social media sites.  I also gave an image to my husband, and will give some to each of my kids too.

You really need to come in and have a portrait session done too.  Don't wait until you are perfect!  Love and celebreate who you are RIGHT NOW!!   It's a great way to pamper yourself for a day, and you'll come away with some beautiful new images for all your friends, and family too.  Contact me if you would lke to find out more!