Squire Family - Generations Session

I've known this lovely trio of ladies for many years.  They recently came in to see me to do a Generations session.  They were also celebrating some milestone birthdays, so I took lots of individual portraits as well.  I'll be sharing some of their individual portraits in other blog posts, but today I want to share their family/generations portraits.

It was so wonderful to do this session for my friends.  My favorite part of the day was when Dorothy (grandma) put her arm around Carolyn (grand daughter)  and just beamed with smiles because she was getting her portrait taken with her beautiful granddaughter.  That brought tears to my eyes!! So, not only was the session a fun experience that they all shared, but they will also have all these precious heirloom portraits.

Amy, Emily & Stephanie - Mother Daughter Portraits

These lovely ladies came to see me recently for a Mother Daughter Portrait Session.   Amy is in her 40's, which is hard to believe when you see how beautiful she is.  Emily is 19, and Stephanie is 13.   

We did three different looks for this session and ended up with a TON of beautiful images. Here's some of my favorites.

We started out with a very clean contemporary look.  I usually take a group photo with every look as well as individuals of each person.

Next we went with a soft feminine look, which most of my clients really love.  It looks so beautiful in soft pastel colors, but these images also look amazing printed as black and white. I also like to take several images of each daughter with her mother and a sisters portrait as well.

calgary womens portrait photographer mother daughter teens glamour beauty potraits

Finally we did a darker, more dramatic look.  I also did a series of gorgeous individuals of Amy later, but I'm going to share those on a separate blog post.

Coming in together to do a session like this is such a fun girls day out for you and your daughters.  Not only do you get to share this experience, but also both you and your daughters will have beautiful keepsake images of your relationship.  Call me today to book a session for you and your daughters.

May is for Mothers

The love between a mother and daughter is forever.

May is the perfect time to celebrate your relationship with a Mother Daughter portrait session.  
Call today.

Mother Daughter Portraits

This is me and my beautiful 16 year old daughter. I've been wanting to do a mother daughter portrait for a long time, but kept putting it off because I wanted to slim down first.  So many women use this as an excuse not to have their portrait made, and I was no exception.  Then life happened, and my daughter received a scary medical diagnosis.  Suddenly, the portrait was no longer about me.  We went ahead and did it now despite how I felt about my weight.

It's so important not to put these things off for "someday" because you don't know what life has in store. 

Chris & Bella-Mother & Daughter

This gorgeous mother and daughter came in to see me last week.  I have so many beautiful images from this session that I'm going to break this into three blog posts.  This first one is to show you my favorite images of the two of them together. 

The session started with hair and makeup for Chris...thank you to Jenn from Painted Sparrow Artistry.  We did a total of four looks for the ladies.  We started with a casual look with white and denim,  and then moved to a more formal look with the ladies wearing black dresses.  I think this was my favorite look!   Our third look was more whimsical.  I used a pink backdrop and had the ladies in flowy cream colored gowns. Little Bella loves to dress up, so I thought it was so wonderful that Chris was willing to put on the tulle skirt and dress up along with her daughter.  How precious!!  We ended with another princess dress for Bella and a more contemporary look for Chris.  It was a long session because Chris and Bella had so many great outfits and we wanted to try them all, but it was so much fun!!

A mother & daughter session is such a wonderful thing to do!  Not only do you get to share the experience together, but you both get an beautiful keepsake of this time in your life. What a special way to celebrate this precious relationship.   If you are a mother or a daughter you need to do this! Don't let the opportunity slip away!  Call today!