This is part 2 of Sarah's session.  She really wanted some back lit shots, but since we didn't have much sun at her original session we decided to try again a few days later, but this time we brought along her best friend, Emily.  We still didn't get much sun for back lit shots, but boy did we have fun!  I made them pose all nicey, nice for me for most of their shots, but if you scroll down to the last of these photos you will see the real Sarah and Emily.  These girls are CRAZY!!

The Fab Five

These were taken at P.G.F.'s Camp this summer.  It's been so wonderful to watch these girls grow up over the years and turn into beautiful young women, but it's also sad because they are now starting to leave!  I'm really glad we had a chance to take these photos of these good friends.  Blessings Katelyn!