Family Session - The Beatty's

I've known Gillian and her family for many years so I was honored to be asked to photograph their family this summer.  Gillian graduated from high school this June and I did her graduation portraits a couple weeks before her grad. Her mom also wanted family portraits, and she originally wanted to do them on grad day, but quickly realized that it was going to be a very busy day!  So instead we booked the family session for the next day, and this turned out so much better!  We were able to take our time and do lots of different family groupings because we didn't have to rush to get done before the grad events. We were able to do the session in the evening when the light was better, and they decided to do a casual family portrait rather than one where eryone was all dressed formally. It was relaxed and fun and a beautiful evening!!


Family Session - My Dad's 85th Birthday!

My two kids are both graduated from high school now and I know that our time left together is short, so I've been making an effort to take a family photo of us every year.  This year I was blessed to be able to take a family photo of MY ENTIRE family as well! 

My Dad turned 85 this year so we decided to get together to celebrate, and part of that included a big family photo. It's not very often that we all get together any more so I really felt it was important to make this photo happen.  But it was HARD!! We had beautiful weather in the days before the session, but of course, the day of the session was cold and windy and it even started to snow!! We had 18 people in the photo, including two seniors and a three year old, and no one was in the mood for standing outside in the I had to work fast!  Also, the camera was on a self timer so I had to run back and forth so I could be in the photo too.  The session was fast, fun, and loud (my family is likes to yell and laugh a lot!!) but thankfully all went well, and the images we got, especially the one of the entire family, are gorgeous!  

Now that we are all warm and cozy inside we are all really glad that we took the time and trouble to do this photo. It's going to be a precious family keepsake for generations to come!! 

Sisters Session - Isabella & Chloe

I've had some down time this summer which has been really great!  I've been spending time doing fun things with my family, and enjoying the summer heat, but I also spent some time painting a couple new backdrops.  I wanted to test them out so I asked these two beautiful young ladies to come and help me test them out.

I've photographed Isabella and Chole before, for their graduation cap & gown portraits, but this was a totally different experience for them.  This session was all about the flower crowns,  ethereal dressses, and flowers. We had lots of fun and their images are just gorgeous!!

Thank you Isabella and Chloe for spending the day with me! Enjoy!

Squire Family - Generations Session

I've known this lovely trio of ladies for many years.  They recently came in to see me to do a Generations session.  They were also celebrating some milestone birthdays, so I took lots of individual portraits as well.  I'll be sharing some of their individual portraits in other blog posts, but today I want to share their family/generations portraits.

It was so wonderful to do this session for my friends.  My favorite part of the day was when Dorothy (grandma) put her arm around Carolyn (grand daughter)  and just beamed with smiles because she was getting her portrait taken with her beautiful granddaughter.  That brought tears to my eyes!! So, not only was the session a fun experience that they all shared, but they will also have all these precious heirloom portraits.

This is us in 2016! Family Portraits

I don't know about you, but this time of year always makes me nostalgic, thinking about years gone by, and it makes me regret the fact that I didn't do more family portraits over the years, especially when my kids were young. As I see my kids grow and change and mature I realize that it won't be long until they are grown up and getting on with their own lives, so it's my goal to do annual family portrait for as long as I can.

I usually only do family portraits outdoors because my indoor studio space isn't very big, but this year I thought I'd try an indoor session. Harold and I recently painted a few canvas backdrops and I've been using them a lot lately.   I've also been experimenting with my indoor lighting options.  I still have a few kinks to work out, but for the most part I'm happy with the results.  

The problem with family portraits is that,  most kids and most husbands want the portrait session to be short!...and my family is no exception. We take our family portraits with a self-timer so it takes MANY tries to get a decent shot, and I'm a tad bit OCD, so our portrait sessions are never short.  But this year I tried my best and kept it to a mini-session. 

So here's our 2016 Mortensen Family Portraits.    Merry Christmas from our family to yours!