Couples Session - Dawn & Susan

This lovely couple recently came to see me to create some professional personal branding portraits. They are both in their 70's, but were so fun to work with and are just the sweetest!!! And they are incredibly generous people. Dawn & Susan are donating 5 university scholarships to the university they both attended, and needed some personal branding portraits for the university.  They are also very passionate gardeners and when I visited them to show them their portraits they gave me a tour of their greenhouses and gardens, and sent me home with some free range eggs, and a beautiful head of living lettuce from their garden. Dawn & Susan, it was a pleasure to work with you!



This is us 2015 - Family Portraits

We took these family photos in September, but I've been saving them until now.  

You would think my family would be pros at doing family photos, with me being a photographer and all.  Not!  Every year it's the same thing.  We get to the park and we are the same as every other family that comes for family photos...not relaxed at all.   I'm all stressed  and bossy because I'm having a bad hair day, and because I'm trying to get all the people and equipment set up perfectly.  So Harold tries to lighten the mood, but gets really silly and can't sit I get all kinds of goofy shots that aren't good for anything.   This slows the entire shoot down, so Kristian gets grumpy and impatient with me for taking so long because he's now hungry/hangry.  And Hannah just patiently stands by,  putting up with all of us, and poses her selfie poses. And then I'm running back and forth from the camera to the family to check the shots....tripping over ant hill clumps and gopher holes..trying not to look sweaty and cranky.   All of us getting bitten by mosquitos...and having to stop to scratch.  Sigh...

We always manage to get some nice family photos though.  And the memories!  The whole experience creates family memories!!  In fact, as I was putting this post together the whole family was standing around my computer laughing our heads off!    We can't wait to do it again!


And here's our bloopers!  
This is our imitation of "in the moment" lifestyle photography,
because if we did lifestyle photography with our family this is what it would look like.


Love in the Park - Engagement Portraits

I don't do weddings.

I've been asked to do weddings but I always turn them down.  Why?  They terrify me!!  Maybe it's just my personality.  I'm a bit of a control freak so the fast paced day, and the once-in-a-lifetime aspect stresses me out too much.  

But I'm doing a wedding in December.  What!?!

This is my daughters violin teacher, Roberta.  We've known her for many years so she feels like part of the family.  When she asked me to do her wedding I turned her down....but she kept asking, and eventually wore me down.  She's very persuasive!   Actually, I'm really honored that she likes my work enough to have me photograph this important day for her.  So, I'm going to get out of my comfort zone and shoot her wedding!  

I'd never met Mike before so we got together and did an engagement session.  Poor Roberta nearly froze to death during the session, but I made them hug and kiss a lot so I think that helped.

So now I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding.  They are a sweet couple and it's going to be an amazing day!  



Belinda - Family Portraits

This family came to see me recently to take advantage of my Fall Family Mini-Session special.   These two adorable twins are six years old and full of energy!  I had them running and they had me running too, which wasn't a bad thing because it was a chilly day.  But even though it was cold we still had lots of fun at the session, got some great family photos,  and ended it with some nice chocolate chip cookies.

I'm still taking bookings for Christmas Card Mini-Sessions until the end of November, but you'll need to dress warm!


My Family

Now that my kids are teens, I've been regretting the fact that we didn't take the time to do family photos more often while they were growing up.  I always had excuses; the top ones being, "we are too busy", and "I want to lose some weight first".  I've come to realize that because I waited for things to be perfect I missed out on those earlier years.  So, despite our busy lives and the fact that I still have weight to lose, I've been making sure that for the last couple years we've had an annual family photo.

Here's the ones we took this year.  These were taken in September, the evening before we got the freak snowstorm.  My son, Kristian, is 17, and my daughter, Hannah, is 15.  I won't tell you how old Harold and I are...  

The last one is my favorite shot and I've made it into beautiful framed wall portrait.  If you come visit me you will see it hanging in our front entry.