Business Portraits - Merrill

I've recently started offering a Business Portrait Mini-Session. This is for clients who don't need or want hair and makeup styling and only need images in one outfit. This session is ideal for most men, and for women who only want one look, such as a formal corporate portrait. My first Business Portrait Mini-Session client was the lovely Merrill.

Merrill doesn't enjoy being photographed so having a business portrait done was something she'd avoided for a while.  However, Merrill needed a business portrait for her website, her Linkedin profile, as well as for some corporate brochures and nametags, so she couldn't put it off any longer.

Honestly, most of my clients don't like having their photo taken, so I totally understood where she was coming from and did my very best to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera.  In the end Merrill had a good time during her session and came away with some beautiful new portraits.

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