Street Shoot - Hannah

2017 was very busy for me with The Beauty Project and I needed some time to recharge and revamp, so this winter I've been taking some time off to spruce up my backdrops, my social media, and my marketing materials. I've also been shooting a lot of personal work which has been so fun!  Sometimes it's great to work in other genres to get yourself seeing differently, so lately I've been shooting landscapes, nature, and some commercial work. But I love photographing people so and so Hannah and I did this session a couple weeks ago.

When I do on-location sessions it's typically in the summer, at sunset, in a flowery park, but I've always wanted to do an urban shoot. I also wanted to try a session that was more "fashion" and less "portrait", so Hannah and I braved the cold, and the city crowds, and did a street shoot for fun and so she could have some personal branding images to use on her social media.  It was cold and we met several homeless fellows that wanted their portrait taken, but it was a super fun session!!  So, now I can add this type of a session to my repertoire for teens, grads, or anyone who wants an urban fashion look.