Maternity Sessions

There's nothing more exciting than being an expectant mother about to welcome a precious new life into the world. It's such a life altering time, and although it feels like it's going to last forever, it won't, so you need to capture it forever in a beautiful maternity portrait. I know that you may not be feeling your most glamorous right now.  It's tough to feel beautiful when you are swollen, bloated, achey,and stretched out...but you REALLY ARE  beautiful right now. Getting your hair and makeup done, and dressing up in something special will make you feel pampered and beautiful! Having a maternity portrait session will give you that little lift that you might need right now, and will be a precious keepsake for the future. 

The best time for a maternity portrait is between 32-36 weeks pregnant (8 months).  You want to come in when your belly is nice and round, but not so large that you are uncomfortable walking around or sitting & standing for different shots.  You also don’t want to wait too long in case your baby decides to arrive early!! Another reason to photograph at around 8 months is so that you can display your portraits at a baby shower, and/or order prints to decorate the nursery, or give as gifts.  If you wait too long your portraits will get lost in the shuffle of excitement that happens when the baby actually arrives. By shooting on the earlier side, your portraits get the attention they deserve!

If you are expecting get in touch and let's talk about creating some beautiful maternity portraits for you!