The Beauty Project - Geraldine

Geraldine is the last of my Beauty Project sessions for 2017. This lovely lady had her 50th birthday this year and I'm so glad she chose to have a portrait session to celebrate herself!  Please enjoy her story and her beautiful portraits!

calgary womens beauty glamour portrait photographer yyc professional photographer

How old are you? Only answer if you feel comfortable. It's optional!: 49...almost 50 ;0)

Are you from Calgary? If not, where are you from?: You bet!

Are you married? : Yes, for just over 30 years

Do you have children?: Yes, 4 (youngest one passed away in October 2011)

What do you do for a living?: I work at WestJet as a Communications Coordinator.

Have you ever had a portrait session (by yourself) before?: No

Why do you want to participate in The Beauty Project?: I've seen your work, and I want to feel beautiful once's been a while

What does beauty mean to you?: Oddly enough, beauty on the inside is more important to me any day...however, it's awesome when that inner beauty shines through to the outside. Really, it's not about the perfect teeth, or being skinny, to me it's about being comfortable in your skin, with what you've been given so you can focus on the person inside.

When do you feel the most beautiful?: Yikes, this is a tough one. I guess when I'm with my husband, who loves me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively ;0), when I'm doing things to improve myself either physically or mentally, and when other people tell me I am.

What does being a woman mean to you?: Being a woman is a gift. I love that I was able to bring life into this world, that my body held ones so dear to me. I love that being a woman allows me to be strong, and yet there are days I depend on my husband, which is OK too.

What do you love about yourself?: Oh dear...physically I love my hair and my smile. I love that I have the desire to help others, that I have compassion, and that for the most part, I'm a "cup half full" type of person

Tell me your story.: I could probably write a book. I'm almost 50, married for 30 years to my amazing husband Jerry, have 4 kids, Kaitlin (28) Kyle (25) Lauren (24) and Connor who would have been 21, but died in October of 2011 at the tender age of 15. Connor was also born with a progressive disease that made life very "interesting". I was able to be a stay-at-home mom for many years, taking care of him. After he passed, I was fortunate to land a job at WestJet which has been amazing. My husband and I LOVE to travel and we have crossed off many bucket list destinations in the past 5 years, including Iceland, Russia and Italy. I love to garden and to decorate.

calgary womens beauty glamour portrait photographer yyc professional photographer

Geraldine, it was such a pleasure getting to know you and photographing you! You are truly a beautiful woman inside and out!