Jenn's Maternity Session

It's with a very heavy heart that I share this blog post with you. Many of you know my beautiful makeup artist, Jenn, from Painted Sparrow Artistry. And many of you know that she was expecting her second child later this month. I am so sorry to share that on June 6th she lost her baby girl.  

Not only is Jenn my makeup artist, but she is also family on my husband's side, and I have known her since she was a very little girl. I attended church with her and her family for many years, and she even babysat my kids when they were little, so I love Jenn dearly, and her loss just breaks my heart.

With Jenn's permission I am sharing her story and her maternity session images with you here.

"While attending a routine appointment at 37 weeks, our midwives were unable to find a heartbeat. Rushed to the hospital, Jeremy met me there and it was confirmed that she had passed. Jeremy happened to be dropping off a patient at the hospital by ambulance when I arrived with my dad, and he was with me within 5min. I am so thankful to God for orchestrating this detail to have my man with me for every minute.
A few hours later I was induced and she was stillborn with a smooth delivery at 10:05pm on June 6th, weighing 5lbs 4oz. I was filled with unexplainable peace and joy through the whole labour and delivery. Jesus filled me with his love and I am thankful. When I look back at this day, I will remember the peace and calm I felt.
FMC graciously waived the limit on support personnel, so I was able to have several friends and family members with me through the entire process. I had to have a small surgery after the delivery, and knowing that my baby was being held and loved by my sister and mom and friends while I was gone was so comforting.
Jeremy was my rock and I have come to adore this man even more, which I didn't know was possible. Watching him hold our baby, and talk to her and snuggle her despite not being able to take her home filled me with joy. This trauma has not and will not break us. If anything, it has drawn us closer.
Care was transferred to the physcians at the hospital but they allowed our beloved midwife to remain, and catch our baby girl. I cannot tell you how much love I have for our midwives! What they did for us through this ordeal will forever be remembered. They are the reason I will be able to look back at this and truly say I felt peace.
We named our beautiful girl, Gabriella Joy~ she has the sweetest little face, and looks so much like her big sister! A little button nose, and perfect sweet little lips, long fingers and feet. Gabbi is truly the most precious and beautiful baby girl, and we loved holding and snuggling her. We were provided with resources that allowed us as much time as we wanted to say our good byes, and have our loved ones were able to come and meet her. We gathered foot and hand prints, molds of her feet and so many other precious memories. A dear friend came and captured photographs of Gabriella and we will treasure them forever.
We are sad, and heartbroken that Gabriella was taken from us. But somehow in the few hours we had with her, she has already affected so many people around her. She will not be forgotten and we will think of her every day.
We’re thankful that by the grace of God, and through our tribe of family and friends, we have found joy and thankfulness for the beautiful gift of our sweet baby girl.
Please keep us in your prayers, and know that while we are grieving deeply, we do not want to do it alone. Every visit and note and text has been treasured and so appreciated. We love being surrounded by our tribe and those who can hold us and let us cry and feel this pain.
Gabriella's memorial will be on Tuesday June 13th, at 3:30pm at DayBreak Community Church. 2104 Yankee Valley Blvd, Airdrie, AB T4B 0B3. All friends and family are welcome to attend."

If you follow Jenn on Facebook you can see some of the beautiful images of Gabriella that were captured at the hospital, by another photographer and friend of Jenn's.

On May 30th Hannah and I took Jenn and her daughter Amira to Baker Park to do a maternity session for her. It was a breathtakingly beautiful evening and we captured many gorgeous images and video clips which I am sharing with you here. 

Please keep Jenn, Jeremy, and Amira in your prayers in the days, weeks and months to come.