I'm Tired of Winter!

It's the end of April, and I'm starting to see images of spring flowers and apple blossoms show up on my Instagram feed from other photographers around the country...and today I woke up to snow...again.  I'm really getting tired of winter!!  Being a Canadian and living in Calgary, I know that I only have a couple of nice months that I can do outdoor sessions.  That's why this year I've been really working on my in-studio portraits.  Indoor sessions have many benefits and I enjoy them, but there is something I absolutely love about shooting outside.  I love the sun and the fresh air, and I love the beautiful trees and flowers.  The greenery creates such gorgeous backgrounds.

It's all the rage in fashion and glamour photography right now to have a "flower wall" set.  I know many photographers who have them for their studios, and athough I like them I've been thinking about building a different kind of set.  I've been dreaming abount building a "green wall".  I wanted to create a realistic feeling of being outdoors, while being warm and dry inside.  So, I've been collecting silk greenery with the dream of someday having enough to build it.  Silk greenery is expensive so I've been hitting Value Village, saving my Michaels coupons, and begging friends for their cast-offs.  I finally saved enough to create a small green wall and recently made Hannah pose for me so I could test it out.  It's still pretty small, but I was able to test a few different lighting scenarios with it and it's everything I had hoped it would be!  Once it gets a bit bigger I'll be able to offer it as a background option for my clients.  

So, enjoy this little taste of the outdoors, on this cold snowy day!

On another note,  Hannah often helps me with my photo sessions, and I often make her model for me when I'm trying out new things.  We have a lot of fun together...usually...when we aren't hangry...haha!  The result of all this shooting and modeling is that we have a ton of photos of her. She doesn't want to post all these photos of herself on her personal Instagram account, so we weren't sure what to do with them.   Hannah doesn't have any aspirations to be a professional model, but she models for me a lot, and she has also been asked to model for other photograhers...so we decided to start her a new Instagram account just for her portfolio. So, here's a few more images we took the same day because I had to have some more shots of that dress and that choker!!  

There's a story that goes with the last image.  Hannah is part Danish.  We recently watched the show Vikings on the History channel and Hannah realized that she has very Danish/Viking features.  So, we had some fun and played around with her eye makeup to give her that Viking shield maiden look. We call these her "Lagertha eyes"!

You can find Hannah's portfolio account on Instagram @hannah_elzbth.