The Beauty Project - Sharon Z

The ladies who applied for The Beauty Project we all asked to fill out a survey with a variety of questions on them so I could get to know them a bit better, and so I could share a bit more about them with my readers.  I photograph real, everyday women and so I want other women to see that these gorgeous ladies I'm photographing are real women as well.  Well, to my surprise when I was reading Sharon's survey I discovered that we have something very unusual in common, and a connection that goes way back in our teen years.

Some of you may know that I played the bagpipes when I was in my teens and twenties, and used to play with several different pipe bands over the years.  Well it turns out that Sharon plays the bagpipes as well and we actually attended the same band camp in our teen years. We had SO much fun reminiscing about the old pipe band days and all our old friends!!

Not only is Sharon a piper, but she is an amazing woman who is working towards being accepted into the police force.  Here are her beautiful images and her story.  Enjoy!


How old are  you?  44

Are you from Calgary?  If not, where are you from?  I'm originally from Scotland, but moved to Canada in 1975.

Are you married? No

Do you have children?  Yes, two.

What do you do for a living?  Public safety.  I'm working on getting into Law Enforcement.

Have you ever had a portrait session (by yourself) before?  Yes, but only for a professional business photo.

Why do you want to participate in The Beauty Project?  Other than the short photo session previously mentioned, I have never had gorgeous professional photos done of myself.  I saw the ones you did of a friend of mine, and those are beautiful.


What does beauty mean to you?  Beauty is a whole package.  Having a beautiful representation, like a beautiful photo, is a great gift.

When do you feel the most beautiful?  I feel the most beautiful when I am strong, helping people, and accomplishing the high goals I set for myself.


What does being a woman mean to you?  Strength, empowered, self-sufficient, loving, devoted.

What do you love about yourself?  I love that I am a very devoted mom of two great kids who bring so much joy to my life.  I am a committed, caring, devoted friend as well as a highly accomplished, independent and capable person.

Tell me  your story: A few things about me are - I am a single mum of two wonderful kids.  A woman who has done many things:  accomplished bagpiper, experience as an electrical apprentice, devoted volunteer, a passion and calling for law enforcement who is currently studying Criminal Justice, school council member, and a runner and triathlete for 10 years now.


Sharon, it was such a pleasure to photograph you and connect / re-connect with you after all these years.  I am amazed at all that you are and all that you do.  I wish you every success in your career endeavours.  Thank you so much for participating in The Beauty Project.