Family Session - My Dad's 85th Birthday!

My two kids are both graduated from high school now and I know that our time left together is short, so I've been making an effort to take a family photo of us every year.  This year I was blessed to be able to take a family photo of MY ENTIRE family as well! 

My Dad turned 85 this year so we decided to get together to celebrate, and part of that included a big family photo. It's not very often that we all get together any more so I really felt it was important to make this photo happen.  But it was HARD!! We had beautiful weather in the days before the session, but of course, the day of the session was cold and windy and it even started to snow!! We had 18 people in the photo, including two seniors and a three year old, and no one was in the mood for standing outside in the I had to work fast!  Also, the camera was on a self timer so I had to run back and forth so I could be in the photo too.  The session was fast, fun, and loud (my family is likes to yell and laugh a lot!!) but thankfully all went well, and the images we got, especially the one of the entire family, are gorgeous!  

Now that we are all warm and cozy inside we are all really glad that we took the time and trouble to do this photo. It's going to be a precious family keepsake for generations to come!!