Lorraine - Personal Branding

I recently updated my business / personal branding portraits.  I like to update them once a year or so, and it was time for new ones for me.  I'm like most women though....I didn't want new portraits until I had lost some weight.  Well, I didn't lose any weight, and in fact I was at the heaviest I've been for a while, which only made me want to hide!!  But my new business motto is to "love and celebrate who you are RIGHT NOW" ....so I thought I better take my own advice. So I went out and bought a couple new outfits and jewelry, just for this session.  I did my hair and I put on some makeup...and just decided to have some fun.  I also did this session on my 53rd birthday, so it was a  special way to spend the day. 

Self portraits are very difficult to do!! It's so much easier when I'm behind the camera and I have a client or friend in front of me!!  Here's how I did it.  I had my camera set up on a tripod,  and I set to the self timer mode.  Then I had to put a light stand where I was going to stand so that my camera had something to focus on.  Once I got focused on the light stand I pushed the shutter, quickly moved into the spot where I needed to stand, moved the light stand, and tried to get into a flattering pose....all within 10 seconds!  I had a full length mirror set up by my camera so that I could see how I was posing, but it was still very tricky to get the proper angle.  I'm a curvy girl, so getting my posing and camera angle right is crucial. Then the camera shot off several shots, with about 2-3 seconds between shots, and I tried to adjust my pose a bit in between shots to get some variety.  It was a lot of fun, but it was very tiring because I had to spend all afternoon trying to get it right, and in the end I only got a few good images.  

So, even though it was hard work I now have some beautiful new images for my website, and all my social media sites.  I also gave an image to my husband, and will give some to each of my kids too.

You really need to come in and have a portrait session done too.  Don't wait until you are perfect!  Love and celebreate who you are RIGHT NOW!!   It's a great way to pamper yourself for a day, and you'll come away with some beautiful new images for all your friends, and family too.  Contact me if you would lke to find out more!