Framed Wall Portraits

We all have them.  Tons of photos on our phones, computers, hard drives, discs, usb keys, ipads, you name it.  And sure, I look at the photos on these devices from time to time....but they pile up and I forget about most of them.  But do you know which photos I look at the most?  The portraits that are printed and hanging on my walls.  

Everytime I walk into my home I see a beautiful framed portrait of the people I love the husband and my children. I remember the day that portrait was taken because it was windy and we were laughing about how the wind was blowing our hair, and it snowed a few hours later.  In my living room is a gorgeous canvas portrait of my family that we had done to celebrate my son's high school graduation.  In the basement is a portrait of our family taken when my children were young.  Our dear friend Perry took that portrait.  Going up my stairs are framed portraits of my parents and our larger extended families made on their 50th wedding anniversaries.  I also have a beautiful framed hand colored portrait of my daughter when she was a newborn, and a framed tryptich of my kids playing in the fall leaves when they were very little. I also have a framed tryptich of each of my kids when they were around 3 years old, and a couple cute ones of them as babies in the bathtub hanging in their bathroom.  In my bedroom is a large wall portrait of my husband and myself on our wedding day, taken almost 25 years ago now.  We've all changed and grown since these portraits were made, and some of our family members are no longer with us which makes these images all the more precious.

Yes, I could sit down and scroll through snapshots on my phone, but I don't.  

Framed wall portraits are more than just photography.  They are a constant, visible reminder of the love and the memories that you'll have forever.