Nancy - Personal Branding Portraits

I recently had the privilege of meeting Nancy and doing a personal branding session for her.  She needed some new images for her Linkedin profile and general social media use.  She also requested the services of my makeup artist Jenn, from Painted Sparrow Artistry.  So Nancy's session is actually a combination of my personal branding and glamour & beauty portrait sessions.

Nancy is in communications so she wanted to look professional yet approachable.  We started her session with an outfit that is a typical business look for her.  Next we went with a beautiful black cocktail dress which gave her a more glamorous look.  Her final look was a soft and ultra feminine casual look.  

Nancy has Egyptian ancestry which Jenn really brought out with her eye makeup.  The results of her makeover and photoshoot were simply astounding.  This is Nancy's "Before" photo..



And this is one of Nancy's "After" images.  All I can say is...WOW!!! She is simply stunning!!

We had such a great time at her session and captured so many beautiful images like these!


The best way for you to get the idea of what it's like behind the scenes at a photo shoot and to see all of Nancy's beautiful images is to watch the video of her session.  Enjoy!