Hayley - Maternity Portraits

This is Hayley, the third of my three nieces who are expecting their first baby this year.  Again, I am super excited for her, and honored to have the chance to photograph her!!

Hayley is such a beautiful lady, but she doesn't feel very beautiful right now. I totally understand how she feels. It's hard to feel beautiful when you are swollen, and heavy, and your body is going through all those incredible changes.  I've been there!!  But during the session I showed her one of the images on the back of my camera and she started crying because I made her feel beautiful again.  Oh my gosh...that made me start crying too!!  This just goes to show the power of portrait photography.  Not only will these portraits be a special keepsake for her and her future child, but they also have encouraged Hayley and made her feel better about herself right now. 

Hayley's baby is due in September so she is around 35 weeks in these images. She loves a very feminine look, so we went for lots of pink and flowers for her session.  This is my favorite look too, so we had a great time at her session.  And oh my gosh...isn't she gorgeous!!! 

Congratulations Hayley and Mitch.  I am so looking forward to meeting your new baby.  

calgary womens maternity beauty portrait photographer
calgary womens maternity beauty portrait photographer