Individual Portraits

Many photographers today will do a photography session for a flat fee and include all the digital images.  This is known as the "shoot and burn" model.  Although many photographers start out this way,  most come to realize that this model is not serving their client very well.   It's been said that we are the most photographed generation ever, yet we have no photographs to show for it.  We all have tons of digital images...but no one prints them.   I'm not going to go into a long explanation of why you should print your images, but I want to stress that it's important.....not only for you now, but also for your family and the generations to come.  So, as a photographer I can go with whats trendy and easy, and just offer digital images...or I can sell printed photographs.   Some photographers only offer digitals, and some (gasp!) only offer prints. That model may work for them, but I find it too limiting, so I choose to offer the same time!

When you book a portrait session with me, my goal is to create a minimum of 30 beautiful images for you to choose from.  I take a LOT of images at your session, but then I edit them down to the top 30.  Then I fully retouch them and often also apply artistic effects.  I then send those digital images to one of the top professional photo labs in North America and have them made into 8x10 prints. When you come to see me at your portrait reveal & ordering session you will see those prints, beautifully mounted in 11x14 white mats.   No slide show.  No online image gallery.  Just real, beautiful,  true photographic portraits.  

Then you have the difficult task of selecting your favorites.  You can purchase individual portraits, or choose from some of my collections.  But because we live in a digital world I know that you really want the digital image.  So, every portrait you purchase comes with it's matching digital image!   The digital image is printable up to size 8x12 and is also suitable for sharing on the web.  It's the best of both worlds!!  You get the digital image for reprints, archiving, and sharing on social media, plus you get a professionally printed image to display now, and to save for future generations.  If you've worked with a professional photographer before this may be different than what you are used to, but I think you will appreciate this option because you will get the portrait that you want, and also get the portrait that you truly need.

For futher information on my Individual Portraits please refer to my product information page, or contact me for my complete price list.