52 Selfies Challenge!

I'm a women's portrait photographer, and you know what I've learned? Most women hate the way they look. This is true no matter their age, or weight, or beauty.  This is so common that many women hide from the camera and don't even exist in photos. That's SO sad! I know it's true for me and has been most of my life, even as a teen. I've always struggled with my weight and avoided being in front of a camera.  

Sue Bryce, my photography mentor, put out a challenge to photographers to start their own 52 Selfie Facebook groups. The groups purpose is to help women build eachother up and create a place trust, self love, and positive body image, and to stop the self hate.

"THIS IS NOT ABOUT VANITY Its about Self Love STOP THE SELF HATE. The best way to Love something is STOP hating it. STOP RESISTING it. You are Perfect NOW" ~Sue Bryce

So that's what I did.  I started a private Facebook group called 52 Selfies with Mortensen Photography  and I am inviting you to join. 

The rules are:

1. Take one selfie per week and post it to this private group.
2. Say something nice about yourself.

The rules aren't complex or difficult, but they are hard!  Most women go around quietly hating themselves, so posting a weekly selfie and saying something nice about yourself is extremely challenging!!   I am personally finding it difficult as well, but I am being brave, and posting my own weekly selfie, along with photo challenges, tips, and inspirational posts.  

Come join us, and invite your girlfriends to join us too.  Let's build eachother up!

Click here to request to join the group