Harold - Business Portraits

I specialize in portraiture for women and families, and that's what I usually post on my website and social media sites...but that doesn't mean that I never photograph men!   I just don't advertise it.  Today I am making an exception.  

This is Harold, my incredibly handsome husband. He graciously agreed to pose for me so that I could practice posing and lighting for men.  He has been so supportive of me as I've started my photography business.  He invests financially in my business, researches all the techie equipment stuff, drives me to Rona on a weekly basis, builds things for me when I need it, fixes my broken stands, lugs my equipment all over the place, assists me on event shoots, and patiently listens to me endlessly drone on about photography products, pricing, and marketing. It's also our 24th wedding anniversary today!  So today I want to tell him how much I appreciate him, and how much I love him.  

So don't be afraid to ask me to photograph the man in your life.  I specialize in portrait photography for women...AND the people they love.