Chris - Glamour & Beauty Portraits

This is the last of the three part series from Chris & Bella's recent mother daughter session. Today I want to show you Chris's makeover and her glamour & beauty photoshoot.  Chris was VERY hesitant to have her portrait done, but in the end she decided to get over her fears and do it for her daughter. What a smart lady!!   Someday...twenty years from now...Bella is going to look at these portraits and she won't see all the imperfections that Chris saw in herself.  All Bella is going to see is herself  as a cute 6 year old with her beautiful mother, and she will remember the special day they shared and cherish the portraits and the memories of her mother.  What a priceless gift!!

Of course I understand that most women don't feel good about the way they look so my goal is to help my client look and feel their very best.  Before Chris's session we started with a clothing consultation where we discussed the clothing colors and styles that would work best for her. On day of her session Chris had professional makeup and hair done by Jenn from Painted Sparrow Artistry.  During the session I used soft, flattering beauty light and directed Chris with specific posing techniques to shape her figure.  I also used several post-processing techniques to further enhance her finished portraits.  In the end Chris had a great time and was very pleased with how she looked in her portraits.  I know she was glad that she pushed herself to do it!

And this is why it's so important to have portraits done by a professional photographer.   I KNOW how you feel about having your portrait done and so I've taken training to help deal with the fears that we all face when we stand in front of a camera.  Don't let those fears stop you from creating a precious family heirloom.  Come work with me!


To show the dramatic difference hair, makeup, clothing, lighting, posing and post-processing makes I always take a "before" photo.  Here is Chris "before".


Here are a few photos of Chris having her hair and makeup done.  Jenn, my makeup and hair stylist is very warm and friendly and will make you feel totally at ease.  I also have coffee and snacks for you!  When you come for a portrait session you are coming into my home, so the whole process is very relaxed and casual.    Think of it as a morning out with the girls!


We did three different looks with Chris.  The first one was a soft casual look with Chris wearing denim and white. The second one was more formal so she wore a gorgeous black cocktail dress. For the third one Chris glammed it up in sequins.  She now has special keepsake portraits of herself with her daughter,  as well as portraits of herself that she can use for her business and social media purposes, as well as portraits that she can gift to her husband and family.   And she looks gorgeous in every one of them!

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