Hannah-Highschool Grad Portraits

This is the second of my 2017 High School Senior Grad models, my daughter Hannah. If you've been following me for any length of time you will have seen plenty of images of her over the years. She is graduating from high school this year, so this time I'm not sharing a test session with her as my model, but this is a real session, just for her, to celebrate her and the end of her school years.

Not only is Hannah my favorite model, but she assists me on most of my photo sessions, and is my number one fan.  She patiently listens to me blather on and on about props, and poses, and flower crowns, and backdrops, and makeup, and all things related to my photography business. She comes location scouting with me.  She comes on photo sessions with me and carries equipment, holds blowing fans, lights, and reflectors. She fixes makeup and hair.  She acts like a clown behind me to get little kids to smile. She encourages me when I'm unsure of myself. She stands in as a model when I need to practice lighting...even pretending to be a maternity client for me. Haha! And did I mention how much fun we have!!! You want to talk about mother daughter bonding! I am so incredibly blessed to be able to share all this with her, and to be able to spend time with her, expecially since she is a very busy young woman and has her own career goals and commitments.

I could write pages and pages about her, but that's because I'm her mom and I would probably go overboard, so instead I've asked her to tell us about herself.  

How would you describe yourself personally?: I'm an introvert and am usually pretty quiet,  but when I'm around other people I can get pretty loud and silly.

How would you describe your style?: I'm not too sure. Normally I'll wear jeans with really any kind of shirt, girly to tomboyish. But I do like really girly things with lace and flowers.

What High School do you attend?: I'm homeschooled :)

What's your favorite school subject? Why?: I've always liked History because I love all the stories. I also really enjoy music and art because they're great ways to express myself.

What sports or extracurricular activities do you participate in?: I'm a highland dancer and I love it! The competition really pushes me mentally and physically.  I also really like downhill skiing, but don't get to go as often as I would like.

What are your big plans for the future?: I play the piano and the violin and have been training to be a music teacher. I already have several students and really enjoy working with them, so I want to make a business out of teaching music.

Hannah, it is always so much fun photographing you (except when we are both hangry...LOL!) And I am so proud to be your Mom. Homeschooling you has been such a blessing in my life. I've loved every minute of it, and wouldn't have chosen to do anything else. Not only are you are a talented young woman, but you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I know that the future holds bright things for you. All my love to you.