Alisha-Highschool Grad Portrait

There's snow on the ground in Calgary, and that means that I can't do any on-location sessions for the next 6 months...unless you want a winter I'm indoors for the season. While I love doing on-location sessions, I also really love in-studio portrait sessions, for so many reasons.  I don't have to fight against unpredictable weather, wind, bad lighting, and bugs!  Plus we can spend as much time as we need to get the looks we want!  So, I was really glad to do Alisha's grad portraits in-studio.  

I've photographed Alisha before, on-location but we didn't get any in her grad gown, and we didn't really get the chance to showcase her love of ballet, so that's what we did with this session.

Alisha is a 2016 graduate of Calgary Christian School.  She really loves dance and plans to continue those studies but would also like to go into cosmetology.  Alisha is a bundle of energy yet super chill....and just look at her incredibly beautiful smile!  Congratulations on your graduation Alisha, I know that there are wonderful things in store for you in the future!

Graduation portraits don't need to be done in June, and they don't need to be done outdoors!  If you want a high school senior graduation portraits that are different than the typical boring cookie cutter ones done by the standard school photographer then you need to contact me!  

I'm now booking for Class of 2017 High School Graduates.  See my High School Grad Page for more details.