Dear Danaya - Beauty Portraits

Early September such a great time of year to do outdoor sessions.  The weather is still pretty nice, the sun is still warm and golden, and the foliage is starting to color.  In other's perfect!!   So, when I heard that Danaya was in town for a visit I took the opportunity to photograph her.  

I was acquainted with Danaya several years ago, but never really got the chance to know her, and then she moved away to Texas.  In the meantime she grew up into this incredibly beautiful young woman!!  Not only is she beautiful, but she has an eye for the artistic, and is an amazing photographer herself.  Her real super power though is her writing. Danaya is a deep thinker and she expresses her thoughts along with her photographs on her incredibly lovely and inspirational Instagram feed.  You should look her up and follow her!  So, for her session I wanted to do something more artsy to show you what she's like.

And what can I say about that glorious hair.....