Petra - Highschool Grad Portraits

I'm super excited to introduce the first of my High School Senior Grad models.  Petra applied last spring to participate in my modeling program. I took one look at her gorgeous mane of hair and said...I definitely want to photograph her!! 

Petra chose to do a casual, on-location session in the fall of her Grade 12 year.  Having grad portaits done in the fall is a nice alternative to trying to do them in May or June when the weather can be unpredictable.  Also, its really nice to have images early in the year so you can create albums, announcments, invitations, and video grad presentations before all the celebrations begin.  

I love photographing grads in their prom gowns, but I also really love this type of session because the clothing is a better reflection of the grad's personality.  A session like this gives the grad a wide variety of images to include in a keepsake album of this special time in their life. 

This session was done at Confederation Park in Calgary, and Petra had her makeup done by Jenn at Painted Sparrow Artistry. 

I asked Petra to tell us more about herself, so you can read all about her below.  Enjoy!

How would you describe yourself personally?: I'm a Christian and an introvert who greatly enjoys books and clouds and finds people extremely fascinating. There's probably a better way to describe myself but that's what I've got for now. :)

How would you describe your style?: I'm not entirely sure - I love vintage clothing and classy, simple clothing, and really enjoy wearing dresses (mostly cause I don't actually have to think of an outfit that way!).

What High School do you attend?: NorthStar Academy

What's your favorite school subject? Why?: English - probably partly because of a great literature course I've been taking, but I love books and people and characters and analyzing things and writing and so on and so forth.

What sports or extracurricular activities do you participate in?: My life currently is mostly school, music (voice and piano), church, and a program called Bible Quizzing (really great, check it out), but I also like to read and dabble in photography.

What are your big plans for the future?: To be able to do what I love (music/the arts in general) - and to serve God and actually make a living, both of which are hopefully possible in music or theatre!

What a fun session this was!  Petra was a natural in front of the camera and so easy to work with.   Her hair is absolutely amazing and she has an incredible look about her that really inspired me.  Her vintage look transformed her from a victorian lady, to medieval princess, to red riding hood, all in the space of a couple hours.  Petra, it was a pleasure to work with you.  Best wishes in the future.  I know you will do amazing things!