Happy 2016!

Welcome to a brand new year!  January is a great time of year for cleaning out the old and bringing in the new.  There's so many areas in life that this can be applied to....diet, exercise, health, finances...etc.  But today I want to talk about your social media presence.  January is the perfect time to update your social media profile photo.    A new look for a new year!

Do you even have a social media profile photo?  Some people are too shy to post their photo online.  I get that!  It can be a hard thing for some of us to put ourselves out there.  But social media is...well...social.  Having a profile photo is not proof that you are a narcissist.  It's a way to connect with other people....and this is especially true for women.  Having a great profile photo helps others get to know you.  It's a reflection of your personality.  Did  you know that 90% of what people think of you online comes from your photo, and only 10% from what you write?  I find that surprising, but we humans are very visual, so it makes sense.  Some people don't have a profile photo for security reasons and I respect that.  But many of us don't have a profile photo because we don't have one that we like.   And here's where I can help you.

You might think...well...I have a camera in my phone...I'll just do it myself.  Sure.  You could do that, and most people do.  And that's why you don't have a profile photo that you like.  A selfie is usually a poor quality photo and trust me...bad photos don't make a good impression.

There's a lot that goes into making a great profile photo, such as:  lighting, background choice, clothing choice, posing, expression and connection, as well as composition.  As a professional photographer I've been trained in all of these areas and I can create a great profile photo for you.  And not only one.  If you come for a personal session with me you will end up with a wide selection of images to choose from so that you could even have a brand new profile photo for every month of the year!

So, in the spirit of "out with the old and in with the new" I'm going to take the plunge first.  Here's my really bad "selfie" beside my new profile photo.   Welcome to a fresh start.


If you would like some great photos that you can be proud to post on your social media sites, then get in touch with me.    Professional makeup and hairstyling along with professional photography can make a huge difference in how you present yourself online, and how the  world sees you!