Personal Branding

Last week I wrote about how important it is to have a great photo for social media.  This week is an extension of that, but it's more targeted at women who have small businesses.  If you run a small business you know how important it is to make a great first impression on your prospects or clients.  This is why your personal brand is very imporant.  What is personal branding?  If you own a business you probably have given a lot of thought to your "brand". Your brand includes defining what your business is all about, and how it's presented to the world.  It encompasses a lot of areas including what you value, who you are, how you interact with your clients, and how you speak.  These things are also represented visually, and these are the thing  most people think of when they think of a "brand".  I'm talking about things like your logo, your colors, your fonts, your website, your marketing pieces, etc.    And one part of your visual brand is your business portrait.  It should reflect who you are and what you represent as a business.

Your business portrait is SUPER important because it gives clients that initial first impression of who you are, and how you run your business.  A poor quality photo that looks cheap and homemade tells the client that you just aren't that invested in your business and gives them the impression that you aren't quite professional.  

Do you even have a business portrait?  If you don't, that's not uncommon.  Again, it goes back to what I wrote about last week.  Some people are just not confident enough to put themselves out there, or else they don't want to appear as a narcissist.   I get that, and I struggled with those ideas myself, but I had to get over it.  The photography industry is very competetive, and I know this applies to many, many other industries out there as well.  There's a competitor on every street corner, so how do set yourself apart from everyone else out there?   Your product or service has to be different, and you have to sell YOU.  YOU are what makes your business different from the business down the street.  No one has your vision and your personality and those things all come together to set you apart from the competition.   Having a business portrait humanizes your business too.  It helps that potential client make a connection with you as a person, instead of just seeing you as a vague business entity.  YOU are your brand!

Do you have a business portrait, but its old?   Having a 10 year old business portrait again makes a statement to your potential client about how you conduct your business. Do you want your brand to represent that you are dated, or would you rather have it say that you are modern and responsive to the needs of your clients?   One reason this happens is that you don't want to spend the time or the money to upgrade your photo on a regular basis, but having professional business portraits done on a regular basis is an investment in your business and should be part of your marketing strategy and budget.  This also can happen because you looked better 10 years ago and you don't like the way you look now,  so the answer is to hire professional photographer who is trained to make you look your best. 

And that is where I come in.  January is a good time to review your personal branding and take a look at getting a beautiful new business portrait.    A session with me includes a variety of clothing changes, different looks and poses,  and can also include professional makeup and hair styling which will make you look fabulous.  Invest in your business and book a session today!  Click here for more information.