Lighting Test

It's been cool and rainy here in Calgary lately...not ideal for the type of lighting I like to use in my photography. Although I do use studio lighting, I really prefer the look of natural light.  Unfortunately, this can be very restrictive, especially when the weather doesn't co-operate. I've been wanting to expand my lighting skills, so I dragged Hannah out to do some practice shots for me.    We waited for sunset when it was getting dark, and used some studio lighting.  I like the results, and if you didn't know I was using artificial light you might not even know, which was my goal.  But...I must have looked like a complete idiot up on that hill.  My light was on a stand and I had an umbrella attached to it.  Unfortunately it was fairly windy so my light stand kept blowing over and I was constantly running to catch my light from blowing away!   I need to get some weights for my light stands!  So, once I get the kinks worked out  I plan on using studio lighting outdoors more often because it opens up many more opportunities for portrait sessions at various times of the day.  These were taken at Glenbow Ranch provincial park.  If you would like to book a session at this location just contact me.  Hopefully it won't be windy!