Rebecca - High School Grad Portraits

My niece Rebecca graduated from high school this year.  When she described her grad gown to me I told her I wanted to photograph her in it. She took me up on that offer and here are some of the images we got.     

Graduation photos don't have to be done on the day that you graduate, or even during the same week or month as your graduation.  Often, those final school days are very busy with exams, recitals, competitions, practices, etc.  Graduation day itself is often hectic and there is very little time to take any special photographs.  Many people only end up with quick iphone snap shots of their graduation day.  What a shame!

 Rebecca's photos were taken in July, a month after her actual graduation.  Some schools even have their graduations in May, which is not great for photographs here in Calgary.  The weather can be cold and rainy, there are no leaves on the trees, and the grass is still brown.   By July the weather is much nicer, so we were able to be comfortable outside, and find some lovely locations.  Doing her photographs after grad meant that she got another chance to wear her beautiful graduation gown as well.  Also, we were able to take our time and spent an entire evening doing her portrait session. Rebecca also had the opportunity to change outfits to give more variety to her portraits.  Now she has a wide variety of images to choose from for gifts and wall portraits, and she even has enough images to create a beautiful keepsake album. This is a very special time in life and it deserves a special portrait session.  

Congratulations on your graduation Rebecca!