Hannah & Her Violin - Teen Portraits

I've been wanted to take some portraits of Hannah with her violin when the apple trees were in bloom.  Last spring when they were in bloom Hannah had the flu, and since they are only in bloom for a few short days, we missed it.  So, all winter I'd been waiting and planning for this spring.  We got them done...but just barely!   No one was sick this year, but the weather sure didn't co-operate.  Plus my son Kristian had his graduation the weekend that the trees were in full bloom, so by the time we got out to the park they were almost all gone.  So, the images didn't  turn out exactly as I had dreamed, but we still got some beautiful ones.   I love shooting outdoors on location, but this is what you have to deal with...bad weather and quickly changing foliage.  Maybe we will try again next spring.  These were taken at Baker Park in Calgary.