My Grandmother

Today is my husband's birthday.  I have been thinking about him all day today, and am looking forward to  getting together as a family later to celebrate his birthday...but I have also been thinking about my grandmother today.   Today is her birthday as well.  She would have been 95.  

She is my mother's mother, and for many years of her life she lived only a few blocks away from the home where I grew up, so I have many fond memories of her.  She loved to laugh and had lots of colorful German exclaimations to add to any conversation.  I think most of them were swear words, but I don't know German, so I'm not totally sure.  She was a great cook and made some amazing cabbage rolls, perogies, apple kuchen, and poppy seed roll.   My mom has been trying to replicate these dishes, and she's come very close, but no one can copy Grandma's cooking.   She kept fit by doing a lot of walking, and was probably in better shape in her 80's than I am now.  She lost several of her fingers in a farming accident as a young woman, and I still remember how her hands looked.  They were beautiful.  I also remember her sitting all the little grandchildren down and telling them the story of how she lost her fingers, with all the gory details.  The kids sat there open mouthed, with great big eyes listening intently.    I also remember the story she told us of the time her and her friend clubbed a gopher to death with a hoe in the back yard of the seniors complex she lived in.  It's gruesome, but hilarious at the same time.  It still makes us all laugh to think of her doing such a thing. 

I don't have many photographs of her as a young woman, but I do have this one, and I'm so glad. I love you and miss you Grandma.  Happy Birthday!