I've been busy with sessions this weekend, which was great because this is my slow season and I was really missing my camera.  On Saturday I did a couple of cap & gown grad sessions, and some photos of my lovely mother-in-law.  I'll post some of those later.

Then on Sunday I did a spur of the moment shoot with Kristina.  She told me last year that she wanted her grad photos to be done in the winter.We actually did most of her grad photos in the fall, but I promised her I'd take her out in the snow as well. So, I've been waiting and watching the weather forecasts for the right time to go out with her.  As luck would have it we've had an unusually warm January, and most of the snow had already melted, so I was getting really worried that our snow session wasn't going to happen.  Who would think we'd have trouble booking a snow session? This is Canada for goodness sakes!!  But late Friday night it started to snow, so we decided to seize the opportunity.

Kristina wanted photos in her gown....her sleeveless January.  So, while her Mom and I were all toasty warm in our layers and hats and mitts and boots, Kristina was NOT.  Even though she only took her coat off while we were doing the shots, it was still cold for her.  Luckily, I brought along my furry dress coat, so we used it as much as we could.

The shots are absolutely amazing though!  I just loved how the color of her gown went with the trees and the snow.

Thank you Kristina for being such a good sport.  I think it was worth the sacrifice.  I hope you love them as much as I do!