As many of you know, my dear father-in-law passed away last fall.   I had taken photos of him and and my mother-in-law a few short weeks before, and our entire family is very thankful that we have those photos today.  This got me thinking about how important it is that seniors have their photos taken.

My parents have had regular portraits taken because they go to a church that has a church directory photography company come in and do photos of all the church members.  My grandmother did the same thing, and because of this we have a recent portrait of her before she passed away.  Unfortunately, I'm sure that many other seniors don't have this same opportunity, and don't take the time to go to a portrait studio to have photographs done.

I used to work as a photographer for a company that produced church directories.  This job taught me a lot about traditional posing, and working with a wide variety of people including many senior citizens.  I recently was asked to photograph my own church directory, so those skills came in handy.

Most photographers today specialize in portraits of babies, small children, and families with young children, but I can't think of any who specialize in portraits for senior citizens. I really enjoy working with seniors, and because I am a bit older myself, I realize how important it is to photograph every stage of life.  So, I'd like to expand my portfolio of seniors, and develop this as a special niche in my business.

Here are a few photos I've taken of seniors, both on location, and with my "studio" set up over the past year.