My Family

Now that my kids are teens, I've been regretting the fact that we didn't take the time to do family photos more often while they were growing up.  I always had excuses; the top ones being, "we are too busy", and "I want to lose some weight first".  I've come to realize that because I waited for things to be perfect I missed out on those earlier years.  So, despite our busy lives and the fact that I still have weight to lose, I've been making sure that for the last couple years we've had an annual family photo.

Here's the ones we took this year.  These were taken in September, the evening before we got the freak snowstorm.  My son, Kristian, is 17, and my daughter, Hannah, is 15.  I won't tell you how old Harold and I are...  

The last one is my favorite shot and I've made it into beautiful framed wall portrait.  If you come visit me you will see it hanging in our front entry.