January Floral - Carnations

Too keep themselves creative, and to learn new things, many photographers do ongoing projects.  A common one is the 365 project, where they challenge themselves to take a photo every day.  There are lots of variations on this, so I'm going to try one.  I'm not ambitious enough to do a photo every day, but I thought I could do one per month.  I love photographing people, but I also love florals and want to learn more about still life photography and fine art photography.  So my project for this year will be to do a floral every month. Also, since I still love the look of hand colored photos I want to play around with that look.

Here is my first project...carnations...the "birthday" flower for January.   Carnations aren't the most exciting flower...and they kind of remind me of corsages and funerals...so I hope I made this humble flower look special.