Personal Branding Session - Hannah

If you are running any kind of social media page you know how important it is to have great content. You probably also know how challenging it is to come up with consistenly great content! That’s where I come in! Booking a couple of personal branding sessions throughout the year will give you a bank of beautiful images that you can spread out on your social media feed over the year. It will also give your feed a consistent look and message.

Here’s another social media/personal branding session I recently did for my daughter Hannah.

Glamour & Beauty Session - Debbie

This beautiful lady recently came to see me because she wanted portraits as part of a milestone birthday celebration! I love doing glamour sessions for birthdays because I know how seeing yourself beautiful and vibrant can boost your self esteem and self image!

Debbie’s day started with hair styling at Curious Salon, followed by a beatiful makeover by Rachel Draper Jones

Debbie didn’t need any business portraits so this session was all about being beautiful, glamorous and having fun. She brough several outfits of her own, plus I dressed her up in a couple of my studio outfils. She looked amazing in all of them!!


Wow Debbie!! 50 looks absolutely fabulous on you! Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful portraits!

Men's Portraits - Kristian

It isn’t often that I photograph men, but I do get asked from time to time, so I did this portfolio building session with my handsome son, Kristian.

Everyone can use a good business portrait, or personal branding portrait. Most people are on social media today, and most people need a good photo for networking of all kinds. Cell phone selfies leave much to be desired. Make a great first impression with a professional portrait.

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Teen Session - Jessica

This beautiful young lady is my niece. I don’t get the opportunity to photograph her very often because she lives a whole province away! So, on a recent visit we decided to do a fun session in with her and my daughter Hannah, her cousin. We played around with some fashion styled posing in downtown Saskatoon by the old buildings and the iconic Bessborough hotel.

Not only is Jessica beautiful, but she’s a talented artist! She recently won first place in her age category in the fine art competition at the Saskatoon Exhibition. To see her amazing art click here to visit her werbsite

I really enjoyed working with you Jessica and can’t wait to do it again

Personal Branding Session - Hannah

I do a lot of photos of my daughter Hannah, when I’m out location scouting, trying new styles, and even just for fun! The great thing is that I get a test model and she gets to use the images on her social media accounts! It’s hard to constantly come up with content for social media so it’s nice that we can work together to produce a stock of professional images for her that she can use whenever she needs.

I recently heard a webinar that talked about this very thing! Most people are on social media these days, and many of those people also have business and so they need to brand themselves. Most people resort to phone selfies, or a friend with an a camera, however at some point many business owners want to up the quality of thier images.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of offering social media sessions. It’s a portrait session but with the goal of creating content for your social media. I can do a blend of portrait, fashion, and lifestyle.

These photos were taken on the spur of the moment. Hannah and I were actually supposed to go to a concert, but it got cancelled, so we were all dressed up with nothing to do. I had a camera with me so we decided to take a few photos. The light wasn’t the best, and my camera wasn’t the best, but we got some fun stuff anyway.